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Cialis Prices - endoscopic examination of the large intestine using a flexible endoscope. The study allows the doctor to view the high-resolution surface of the intestine and detect any changes in mucosa: ulcers, polyps, tumors. Neither alternative method not provide such precise information about the state of the intestine.

Indications for Cialis Prices

Make Free Trial Of Cialis a colonoscopy is recommended in the following cases:

In the presence of pathological impurities in the stool;

For prolonged frustration of a chair;

If you suspect that ulcerative colitis, gastrointestinal tract tumors or polyps;

If you often have pain or swelling gratuitous pain in the abdomen;

With the weakness and lethargy combined with a low grade fever (37 -37,5oS);

If you suspect a bowel obstruction;

In preparation for gynecological surgery;

After bowel surgery;

Prophylactically, if you are at risk for developing colon cancer.

Does a colonoscopy?

Free Trial Of Cialis - if your doctor has prescribed you a colonoscopy, it means that she has a good reason. Often, it is the study helps to detect early signs of cancer of the rectum.

Rectal cancer annually diagnosed in 600,000 people. The risk group includes those whose relatives have suffered from this disease, as well as people over 45 years old. If the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, in 90% of cases it can be cured.

Looking where to do a colonoscopy?

Research carried out by specialists of endoscopic department "" on the "Red Gate".

Three reasons to go colonoscopy with Free Trial Of Cialis:

1. Modern flexible colonoscope reduced diameter;

2. High image quality and diagnostic accuracy;

3. You can go through a colonoscopy under general anesthesia.

We conducted more than 1,000 studies. Our patients usually tolerate this procedure, moreover, that its duration - only 15-30 minutes.

But what if you are very worried because of the upcoming survey?

Colonoscopy under anesthesia - a European standard of medical research!

If you are really worried - you can Cialis go through a colonoscopy under general anesthesia. During the procedure, you immerse yourself in a soft therapeutic sleep lasting about half an hour. After waking up, you get your hands on a doctor's opinion.

Throughout the procedure, a colonoscopy is present next to the anesthetist.

How to prepare for a colonoscopy under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia - you tell the doctor.